Seeing More of the Picture: Stacked Activity Chart Now Includes Earlier Cohort Layer

Everhort’s interactive Stacked Activity chart is a great way to see how cohorts acquired within a given time period stack up and contribute to overall revenue during that period. It’s easy to see at a glance whether you’re getting significant contributions from multiple cohorts, or if you’re relying too much on new customers.

One piece of the picture had been missing from this chart, though. It wasn’t easy to see how the contributions from cohorts acquired during the chosen time period compared with those acquired before that time period.

With the introduction of a new layer in the chart, we’ve filled in this missing piece:

This new layer, which can be toggled on or off, represents the rolled up contributions of all cohorts acquired before the start of the selected period. As with the other layers, you can view these contributions in terms of revenue or number of returning customers, and you can click to isolate this group:

Good businesses know it’s important to get contributions from all customers, and we think this improvement to our stacked cohort activity chart makes it easier to see the whole picture.

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